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HealthCMI is building a consortium of authors to publish quality acupuncture continuing education online materials. The focus is to enhance the quality of medical care by acupuncturists through providing access to acupuncture education online courses. Traditionally, acupuncture schools and acupuncture colleges seek to encourage clinical excellence through education. Now, online continuing education for acupuncturists can continue that tradition online.

HealthCMI, the online division of the HealthCare Medicine Institute, encourages authors to contact us to submit materials for acupuncture continuing education online publishing. Authors are paid per the sale of every course. The financial incentives to authors is intended to stimulate acupuncture research and publications for the betterment of patient care. To contact HealthCMI and submit courses for online sale simply contact HealthCMI and send a message concerning your course material by going to and clicking Contact Us.

HealthCMI will provide California (CA) CEU, Florida CE, and NCCAOM PDA approvals and prepare the courses for online publication. This will approve the courses in all states that certify and license acupuncturists and will provide NCCAOM Diplomate certification for acupuncture license renewals through acupuncture continuing education.

HealthCMI features online acupuncture continuing education courses for acupuncturists. HealthCMI provides online courses for nurses, physicians, and dentists in addition to licensed acupuncturists. Licensed acupuncturists benefit from distance learning acupuncture continuing education courses with quality downloadable material for continuing education credit.





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